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Shinehouse Theatre troupe pics and films 9
  • 《Armageddon Trilogy#2 Underworld Women》2014
  • 《A Midsummer Night's Chat Ⅳ》2016
  • 《Asia Performing Arts Featival Purgatory》,2015
  • 《Ten Years Old》2006
  • 《十歲》
  • 《白。素。貞》
  • 《夏日微涼夜話3-STOP巴士》
  • 《穢土天堂》
Troupe Intro

Founded in 2006 in Taipei, Shinehouse Theatre’s pieces are aimed to reflect and document contemporary society, largely involving social issues as well as local issues in WanHua where they recently based. Through interviewing homeless and sex workers, they created Monga Trilogy that seeks for the truth behind stereotypes. Through acting, Shinehous Theatre reaches toward the land, bring theatre back to daily life, and embrace all different cultures. Shinehouse Theatre has been invited internationally recently, including the last Asian Art Performance Festival in Japan; other places include Shanghai, Bangkok and others. We wish that, through the power of theatre, our piece can move audiences from different language or culture along the same life as a mankind.


Po-Yuan Chung was born in Taiwan, 1985. He graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts, School of Theatre Arts, and was majoring in directing.
He found Shinehouse Theatre in 2006 and has created about 30 pieces of work. The subject of his works has a great variation in the hope to reflect modern society and shows his care of social issues. His troupe is based in Wanhua area, Taipei in recent year which brings its work on developing local subject, hoping to bring theatre back on focusing daily life.
Chung is also actively participating in national events such as ACT Shanghai International Theatre Festival, Bangkok Theatre Festival, Festival/Tokyo, Taipei Arts Festival and so on.

Recent Domestic Performance
  • 2016 | 無障礙閱讀推廣計畫- 原鄉文學&巡演《魚.貓》
  • 2016 | Purgatory
  • 2016 | A Midsummer Night's Chat Ⅳ
    Tainan Arts Festival
  • 2015 | A Midsummer Night's Chat:STOP!Bus
    Taipei Arts Festival
  • 2014 | Armageddon Trilogy#2 Underworld Women
Recent Foreign Performance
  • 2015 | Purgatory
    Asian Performing Arts Festival-Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre-Japan
  • 2013 | A Midsummer Night's Chat
    HK People’s Fringe Festival-Theatre π、Festival/Tokyo-The Green Theatre
  • 2012 | The Swallow
    Shanghai Mecooon Space Fringe Festival、HK People’s Fringe Festival
  • 2012 | A Microwave Afternoon
    Shanghai International Contemporary Theatre Festival
  • 2011 | Ten Years Old
    Bangkok Theatre Festival-Santichaiprakarn Park(BKK)
Troupe Info
  • Name: Shinehouse Theatre
  • Type: Contemporary Theater
  • Contact Person: Administration Manager / YEH, Yu-Ling
  • Tel: +8862-2308-3398
  • Email:
  • Address: No.21, Aly. 15, Ln. 125, Sec. 2, Huanhe S. Rd., Wanhua Dist. , Taipei City 108-56, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Website: Official web site(Open in new window)
  • Update Date: 2017-05-31
Promotion Events
  • Promotion Events 1
    Monga Ferrying Drama Class-the Otter Project

    Type: Workshop
    Subject: Wanhua local public

    A community theatre for the locals to share life stories. To find the relationships between environment and otters and people which once in the city of Monga.