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Anarchy Dance Theatre troupe pics and films 7
  • 《Second Body》photo by Ching-ju Cheng,2015
  • 《Second Body》photo by Ching-ju Cheng,2015
  • 《Second Body》photo by Ching-ju Cheng,2015
  • 《Seventh Sense》,2011
  • 《Seventh Sense》,2011
  • 第七感官
  • Second Body
Troupe Intro

Founded by the Artistic Director, Chieh-hua HSIEH, who transferred from the realm of architecture to dance, the Anarchy Dance Theatre, was established in 2010. The company aims to create the imagination of dance through its various works allowing more diverse ways to appreciate and understand dance in Taiwan. Anarchy Dance Theatre strives to develop its own approaches to dance training concentrating on awareness of the body, observation of the environment, power of thought. Those ideas then become the core of Company’s work. Moreover, the Company is also keen to explore new modes of choreography and to examine the creation of dance in order to offer audiences several ways in which they can read the ‘dance body’ and ‘dance structure’. Anarchy Dance Theatre is continuously seeking to update its contemporary manifestation by constant creativity. Based on the rich and diverse culture in Taiwan, the Company yearns to break through the steady aesthetics of dance, to find its own way of expression with a contemporary approach, and to promote Taiwanese dance to the world with its unique creations.

HSIEH, Chieh-Hua / Jeff

Graduated from the University, Department of architecture, due to interest in modern dance and preferences, entered the Taipei Art University Institute for dance creation after graduation to join into the field of modern dance creations. In the context of architecture and dance double, spatial concept of the unique and distinctive body style, more daring work challenges traditional dance editing practices, in architecture for the subject, focusing on works of the dancers thinking pattern for the core, recently committed to the technology combination of limb, trying to to media impact of science and technology vision to watch.

Recent Domestic Performance
  • 2016 | Second Body
    Wellspring Theater
  • 2015 | 去自由
    Experimental Theater
Recent Foreign Performance
  • 2016 | Second Body
    Пловдив Plovdiv ONE DANCE WEEK-Bulgaria The Eco Expanded-Poland (Wroclaw) POLYTECH-The Polytech Museum-Russia Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis-France
  • 2015 | Second Body
    Ars Electronica-Austria
Troupe Info
  • Name: Anarchy Dance Theatre
  • Type: Contemporary Dance
  • Contact Person: Artistic/Choreographer: HSIEH, Chieh-Hua / Jeff
  • Tel: +886-2-2895-2281
  • Email:
  • Address: 71, Kai-Ming St., Peitou, Taipei City 112-55, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Website: Official web site(Open in new window)
  • Update Date: 2017-05-31
Promotion Events
  • Promotion Events 1

    Type: Workshop
    Subject: 一般民眾


  • Promotion Events 2
    校園推廣計畫 - 用「指令」體驗自由身體

    Type: Workshop
    Subject: 國中小學