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  • @Ou-Yang Hui-Chen Art Dance Company
  • @Ou-Yang Hui-Chen Art Dance Company
  • @Ou-Yang Hui-Chen Art Dance Company
  • @Ou-Yang Hui-Chen Art Dance Company
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Troupe Intro

It has been twenty-seven years since the founding of Ou-Yang Hui-Chen Art Dance Company in Sanchong District of New Taipei City. The company is led by Ou-Yang Hui-Chen, a recipient of the Dancing Flying Phoenix Award, which is the highest dance accolade for Taiwan’s dance community. The company is often invited by the government to perform at influential events, including the Wan Zhong Yi Xin National Party and presidential inauguration. It also often hosts large charity events to help the underprivileged.

Over the years, Ou-Yang Hui-Chen Art Dance Company has achieved outstanding results at both local and international dance competitions. Representing Taiwan numerous times at art festivals in Greece, the Netherlands, Italy, the United States, Japan, Hungary, Korea, and Malaysia, the dance company has received global acclaim. During the 5th Sabah International Folklore Festival of 2010, the company won the Championship Award and the Best Female Dancer Award. In 2011, during the 6th Sabah International Folklore Festival, the company managed to win the second place, which is the Cultural Affairs Office Award. Foreign Minister Timothy Yang issued a Civilian Foreign Relations Commendation to the dance company for its outstanding achievements. Furthermore, the company won silver at the 1999 Fukuoka Asian Dance Competition, Japan; gold at the 2007 Fukuoka Asian Dance Competition, Japan; gold in the female dancer category at the NTD International Classical Chinese Dance Competition, New York; and gold at the 2009 Mongolia Dance Competition. These all show how highly praised and recognized the Ou-Yang Hui-Chen Art Dance Company is in the international dance scene.

The members of Ou-Yang Hui-Chen Art Dance Company are comprised of some of Taiwan’s best dancers from top dance academies. Many of tthemare winners of the National Dance Competition, Fukuoka Asian Dance Competition, New York International Dance Competition, and Mongolia Dance Competition. Over the past twenty seven years, the Ou-Yang Hui-Chen Art Dance Company has held close to nine hundred performances, while receiving countless awards and accolades. These all echo the pride and glory of the company!

The performances by Ou-Yang Hui-Chen Art Dance Company feature diverse formats that range from traditional folk dance to modern dance theatre. For the recent work, Bliss, the Soul of Painting and Dance, Ou-Yang Hui-Chen challenged its dancers to perform using an entirely new format: a show that retold the horrors of the sixty years of White Terror in Taiwan. Reenacting history, this dance performance incorporated music, multimedia, and drama, and executed using modern theatre techniques. Through cross-disciplinary collaboration, it narrated an intertwining story about Ou-Yang Hui-Chen’s tragic family history. For this event, Professor Ou Yang Hui-Kang, the dean of the College of Human Ecology at Shih Chien University, served as the music consultant, while Ou-Yang Hui-Chen served as the choreographer. The live music was performed by Ou-Yang Hui-Ru and others. The performance revealed the touching story of the Ou-Yang family. Award winning performers, such as Meng-Jie Du,Ming-Chi Lo, and Szu-Ting Liu served as the lead dancers who led the fifty member dance troupe. This touching piece evoked deep connotations and an exquisite sensation, which moved and captivated the entire audience.

“Established in Taiwan, Dancing on a Global Stage” has been the motto and goal of the Ou-Yang Hui-Chen ArtDanc Company for the past twenty seven years. With a quarter of a century of dance performance experience, it is the hope of the company to further introduce the elegant and profound culture and art of Taiwan to the rest of the world. By cultivating, promoting, and expanding upon the art of dance, this is its way of contributing to the land where the company was founded.

OU-YANG, Hui-Chen
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Troupe Info
  • Name: Ou-Yang Hui-Chen Art Dance Company
  • Type: Contemporary Dance, Folk Dance
  • Contact Person: Director / OU-YANG, Hui-Chen
  • Tel: +886-2-89857729
  • Email: oydance168@yahoo.com.tw
  • Address: 4F.-1, No.279, Zhengyi N. Rd., Sanchong Dist., New Taipei City 241, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Website: Official web site(Open in new window)
  • Update Date: 2017-10-09