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Creative Society troupe pics and films 9
  • Love Song:Rhyme For You, photo by You-Wei CHEN, 2011
  • The Inn, photo by Chien-Che TANG, 2016
  • He is my Wife, He is my Mother, photo by You-Wei CHEN, 2009
  • Playing the Violin, photo by You-Wei CHEN, 2012
  • Taiwan Dreams Episode I:Dream Hotel, photo by You-Wei CHEN, 2014
  • Book of the Western Xia, Chief Hotel Butterfly titles first to see
  • Mystery guest rhymes-I'm your rhyme-rhyme to help Romeo find love song of the world
  • Love taste of the concept videos
  • Creation records-creation of the four hotels
Troupe Intro

Creative Society Theatre Group (CS) was established in May 1997 by a group of experienced directors, playwrights, theatre scholars, arts administration professionals as well as media workers in Taipei, Taiwan. Realizing the intrinsic connection between contemporary theatre and social/ cultural movements, CS operates under the spirit of living in its times, dedicating itself to the creation of original plays, exploring new theatrical aesthetics and discovering diverse ways of creative collaborations, all in the name of innovation.

The fact that CS’s core members include a diverse group of creative talents sets it apart from other theatrical groups in Taiwan, and allows CS to further realize the multi-faceted creativity in the Taiwanese contemporary theatre world.

CS has produced works by core members Wei-Jan Chi, Katherine Hui-ling Chou, Ying-chuan Wei, and Michael Li, theatre veterans such as Hong-Zheng Fu, Chia-ming Wang, Shou-yuo Liu, Yu-hui Fu, Po-shen Lu and Yen-ling Hsu, as well as up-and-coming artists such as Ching-hsiang Yang, Birdy Fong, Jei Zhan, Sharon Wu and Ming-chen Li, Yu-Chia Wei, Yi Zu, Hang-Fai Andrew Chen, Cong-Ran Wang. The high artistic quality of CS’s works has captured the attention of critics, audiences, media and academia alike.


Who-Ga-Sha-Ga-the Performing Award, the 3rd Taishin Arts Awards(2005)
“The original script of Who-Ga-Sha-Ga strongly ridicules the current social chaos with rich artistic language and vividly imaginary scenes. The quick pace the director sets for the play allows the intensity of performance to flow between extreme passion on one hand and extreme detachment/alienation on the other. With limited space and resources, the company achieved outstanding stage effects, capitalizing on the young actors' vitality in conjunction with a discontinuous linguistic style. The “coarse” feature of the play reinforces its ability to move and impress its audiences.”

Playing the Violin-finalist, the 11th Taishin Arts Awards(2013)

Recent Domestic Performance
  • 2016 | The Inn
    Wellspring Theatre
  • 2016 | Holy Crab!
    Wellspring Theatre
  • 2016 | #
    Wellspring Theatre
  • 2015 | Touching My Mind
    Wellspring Theatre
  • 2015 | Dear God
    Wellspring Theatre
Recent Foreign Performance
  • 2016 | The Inn
    Beijing Nine Theatre- Action Theatre-China
  • 2015 | Taiwan Dreams Episode I:Dream Hotel
    Singapore International Festival of Arts-72-13 Theatre-Singapore
  • 2014 | Love Song : Rhyme for You
    China (Beijing)
  • 2013 | Love Song : Rhyme for You
    China (Beijing)
  • 2012 | Love Song : Rhyme for You
    China (Shanghai)
Troupe Info
  • Name: Creative Society
  • Type: Contemporary Theater
  • Contact Person: Hao-Chih Lan
  • Tel: +886-2-23397528
  • Email:
  • Address: No.487, Sec. 2, Zhonghua Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100-72, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Website: Official web site(Open in new window)
  • Update Date: 2017-06-12